Job interview. Как пройти собеседование на работу на английском

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Сегодня открываю серию статей, посвященных теме Job Interview. Сегодня эта тема довольно актуальна. Все больше русских специалистов работают в иностранных компаниях.

Для того, чтобы найти работу своей мечты в иностранной компании, конечто же, нужно пройти собеседование на английском.

В этом посте вы найдете много полезной информации, видео — советов. Для лучшего восприятия материала, к каждому видео прилагается транскрипт.


Hi. My name is Christopher Glanzer and I’m an accounting student at the John Molson School of Business. This is how you ace a job interview.

Number 1. You have to research the company. It’s very important that you know a lot about the company you’re going to be interviewed for, because most likely, one of the first questions they’ll ask you is, «Why do you wanna work here?» or, «What is it about this company that you really like?»

So, you really need to research the company, so you know what they do, the company’s culture, and just some general knowledge about the company. And the next tip is have a short prepared speech about yourself. Because when you go into a job interview, the first question they’re most likely gonna ask you is, «Okay, tell us a bit about yourself».

And this is not the time to start talking about where you were born, where you grew up because they don’t wanna hear that.

What you want to do is use this time to highlight your best and strongest points about yourself. Don’t tell them about where you grew up and all that because they don’t wanna hear that. Just highlight yourself and why you’re here for the position.

Be able to explain and have a short story about everything on your resume.

Chances are the interviewer is gonna point at your resume and say, «Tell me about this», and if you’re either not sure what you have on your own resume, which is possible believe it or not, or you don’t know what to say about it, you’re gonna look a little bit dumb.

Look up online the top 10 tough interview questions. Like for instance, some tough questions I’ve been asked are, «What does leadership mean to you?», which can catch you off guard, so you need to be prepared for things like that or, «Tell us about a time when you had a conflict with someone».

When they ask you questions about and to talk about something negative that may have happened in your life, you need to use this time to talk about what you’ve learned from the situation and how you could have turned it into a positive.


How to answer the question «Tell me about yourself.»

Job interviews can be intimidating and open-ended questions like «tell me about yourself» make it even scarier. Give an answer that will impress your interviewers and set your interview off on the right foot. You will need the job description and your resume.

Step one: Carefully read over the job description and make note of important keywords that will help you learn more about what the employers are looking for.

Keep these words in mind as you think about your response to the question «Tell me about yourself.»

Step two: Prepare for this question in advance of the interview.

Review your resume and make a list of at least five or six words that define your professional strengths. Take a personality test, like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, to help you better understand your individual style.

Step three: Think of a professional success you have had, where you’ve helped solve a problem or added value to a former employer’s project.

Step four: Write out a 30-second response to the question «Tell me about yourself» that combines your professional strengths and discusses a past professional success.

Never complain about current or former employers during your job interview.

Talk about your hopes for new opportunities, without focusing on issues in the past.

Step five: Focus your response on positive professional experiences. Don’t talk about personal information like marriage, children or pets.

Step six: Practice your response until you can remember the main points. Focus on sounding natural and conversational. Prepare a list of questions about the job that you want to ask during the interview. Show the employer that you’ve done research on the organization and have thought about the job.

Step seven: Arrive at the interview prepared, giving an answer that is concise and truthful when the interviewers ask you to tell them about yourself. Let your professional strengths shine and set the stage for a successful interview, and maybe a new job. Did you know? According to estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, half of the top 20 fastest growing occupations in the US are related to the health care industry.

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